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About The Book

Kayla Grisholm is a 22 year old fourth year bright and witty Information and Media Studies student looking forward to a promising career as a radio announcer. She yearns for people to ‘see Kayla first’, and not her purple sports wheelchair or the Dynavox Speech Synthesizer that she uses to cover up her speech impediment. She dreams of Jerome.


Track and field star Jerome Carter, hot, sexy and athletic; a fourth year engineering student is her best friend. Why he doesn’t see her ‘for who she really is’ boggles her mind. She’s loved him since the first day they met.


Radio broadcasting director, Marc Sanderson, geeky, yet brilliant, able to design or modify anything that will make Kayla’s life easier, secretly loves her. He has never seen her disability.  He doesn’t hear her speech impediment, only music from her lips.

But Jerome has a past of his own. And when the past meets the present, Kayla is crushed and Marc quickly steps in to help her pick up the pieces.


A near drowning, a near-death emergency surgery and a crushing event in Punta Cana, are about all that Kayla can take in her last year of university. It is a year of love, fun, passion, joy and heartache. It is a year of sharing each other’s dreams – perhaps none of them greater than Kayla’s Dream.

A review by Jessica Grono:


As a woman with cerebral palsy, finding a book with a character who has the same disability is difficult.  When I was a teenager, I read all the young adult romance books that I could get my hands on.  I would have loved to see a character with a disability be romanced and lived through normal everyday trials.  


I enjoy reading so when the author, Theresa Hudson, asked me to read her book, Kayla's Dream, I felt honored.  The book is modern day fiction and about a young woman who has cerebral palsy. She is making her dreams come true and trying to find her place in the world. It can't get any better than that!


The main character, Kayla, has cerebral palsy but she's smart, active, beautiful and popular in college. She is in her fourth year of college studying media communications. Kayla is also a radio announcer for the college radio station. She enjoys her friends, being physically fit, and doing well in all of her classes. Kayla tries new adventures despite cerebral palsy.


Kayla's form of cerebral palsy perplexed me in the beginning.  She is able to use her purple manual wheelchair, write, feed herself, drive a car, transfer herself and take care of herself. But her speech is extremely slow and difficult to understand until you get to know her well. I felt perplexed because usually someone with severe speech issues also need further physical assistance. But, that tells the reader once again, that cerebral palsy affects each person completely differently and the severity is based on the location of the damage.


Kayla's Dream focuses on her disability some of the time, but the main focus of the story is Kayla's romantic life.  Pleased is probably an understatement of how I felt when I saw the author made Kayla to have a normal life and experiences.  Kayla isn't perfect in all of her actions and her love life is a bit bumpy, however, that is also how real life goes.  Cerebral palsy is just one aspect of who we are as people, but there are many more components that make a person.


Kayla's friend, Marc, helps her tremendously in finding ways to make her life easier. He's always trying to invent equipment to assist her reach her goals. Kayla wants to be a radio announcer, but her speech is definitely a challenge so he helps create a speech program so she can reach her goal.


Without giving away too much of the plot, Kayla's Dream brings hope and a sense of normalcy. If I were a young woman, I would love this book because of the realistic view on cerebral palsy. As an adult, it still gives hope and makes me smile to see how far we have come. 


Women with cerebral palsy are no longer to be ignored or people to pity. We are beautiful,  strong,  independent, intelligent and a powerful being. We can have careers, families, and relationships. Kayla's Dream shows Kayla searching her heart and reaching her goals just like any other college student. I highly recommend this book.

Jessica Grono

Writer / Speaker

Buskin Leggings Affiliate

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