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About The Sequel

Life has never gone quite the way she had expected.  A lifelong struggle with cerebral palsy, a near death experience and an uphill climb to become a successful radio host, has proven time and time again that Kayla Grisholm is a fighter.  In the midst of success, love and happiness, Kayla's life again comes to a crashing halt when she receives devastating news about her health.


With two tickets to Arizona and a diamond ring in his back pocket, Jerome Carter is ready to leave his wild past behind and start a new life with Kayla, the women of his dreams.  But a secret lover is not about to stand by and allow Jerome to propose.  He is ready to reveal Jerome's past and disclose everything that could turn their lives upside down.


In the sequel to "Kayla's Dream" adventure, heartache, passion and joy await.


Will she find her ultimate dream in "The Perfect Place"?

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